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– Mahatma Gandi

Artisan Inc. provides clean, neat and professional interior and exterior residential and commercial creative painting services. Our professional crew members are trained to pay attention to every detail; guaranteeing that our customers are completely satisfied with our painting services.

Beams and Millwork

Ceiling beams can come to life with painted details that add layers of visual interest and distinction, while furniture and cabinet finishes offer a range of personality changes to your existing or custom-built millwork. Since beams offer a limited workspace, both positive and negative image fields are equally important to the design, as well as accurate measuring. Laser levels are often used to assist with precision.

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Venetian Plaster

 Venetian Plaster is a technique of applying multiple layers of plaster over top one another. Typically three layers are used. This plaster is much thinner than a drywall plaster and capable of tinting to any desired color. It is applied with a selection of hand trowels and burnished to bring out movement strokes from the application. A final step of wax is applied to seal the plaster, then polished which brings additional life to the colors and layers.

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Decorative Painting

Transform any room into a work of fine art with a custom designed hand painted ceiling that is sure to created a dynamic presence. When designing a decorative ceiling many aspects are taken into account such as style of home, impact on the space and color selections. Many times, we look to historical references or existing fabrics for patterns and color combinations. These are the details that can make a private residence or public space extraordinary.

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Faux Finishing

Faux finish effects can be both simple and complex. Many times a soft one-color glaze is added to enhance a color; this technique works nice for entire home interiors. While other finishes are intended to mimic something seen in nature, such as marble, wood and patina. Then there are finishes that are inspired by wallpaper designs, patterns, unusual textures or the complex layering of multiple combinations of faux techniques.

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Themed Rooms

When brainstorming a theme room with the client, we think of every aspects of the topic; characters, setting, fun features, supporting elements and how you would live in the space. Next, we provide a concept rendering for room layout and scale. Then, when its time to paint, we may utilize both hand painting and airbrush painting techniques to reach the final outcome.

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The technique of applying fine gold or silver leaf, liquids and powders to surfaces such as wood, stone, or metal has been used for thousands of years. Any surface can be prepared to accept these high quality alloy metals with either water or mineral based varnishes. Once applied, we can leave brilliant or glaze the metals to a desired tone or style of aging then seal with a heavy bodied acrylic or polyurethane for durability.

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