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The art of Faux Finishes, Decorative Painting,
Murals, Venetian Plasters and Gilding
Artisan Incorporated, Central Florida, 407.925.3413
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  • Crackle Lacquer with Historic Panels
  • Crackle Lacquer with Historic Panels Detail
  • Crackle Lacquer and Liquid Gold
  • Crackle Lacquer
  • Crackle Lacquer with Fabric
  • Crackle Laquer & Aged Bar
  • Multi-Color Crackle
  • Acrylic Crackle
  • Hand Painted Panels
  • 2-Tone Kitchen Island
  • Distressed Hood
  • Faux Wood Grain Molding
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Hand Painted Door
  • Light Glaze
  • Silver Leaf Wine Room Built-in Detail
  • Silver LeafTable Top
Crackle Lacquer with Historic Panels1 Crackle Lacquer with Historic Panels Detail2 Crackle Lacquer and Liquid Gold3 Crackle Lacquer4 Crackle Lacquer with Fabric5 Crackle Laquer & Aged Bar6 Multi-Color Crackle7 Acrylic Crackle8 Hand Painted Panels9 2-Tone Kitchen Island10 Distressed Hood11 Faux Wood Grain Molding12 Furniture Restoration13 Hand Painted Door14 Light Glaze15 Silver Leaf Wine Room Built-in Detail16 Silver LeafTable Top17
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